Rule of Law in Ontario

Useful Links

Press Release with Extra Links

Press release dated September 22, 2020, regarding concerns related to Dr. Safavi’s case and the troubling lack of transparency at the HRTO. This version has extra hyperlinks to additional resources.

Tribunal Watch Ontario

Tribunal Watch Ontario are a group of advocates concerned about the lack of transparency in the appointment process for adjudicators to Ontario’s tribunals (including the HRTO). TWO’s website contains further useful links.

Dr. Ana Safavi in the Media

Dr. Safavi first spoke with the press in 2018 about how she was sexually harassed in the course of her medical training and how harassment and lack of supervision by senior physicians is a common experience for medical trainees in Canada.

Court Filings

Overturn Sealing of Hearing Transcripts

Notice of Application for an order quashing the HRTO’s decision to forbid Dr. Safavi from showing the transcripts to anyone other than her lawyer.

Revoke HRTO Chair’s Appointment

Notice of Application for an order quashing the appointment of Sean Weir as Chair of the HRTO on the basis that his appointment was unlawful.

Compel Release of HRTO Records

Notice of Application for an order compelling the HRTO to release hearing dockets, case lists, and adjudicative records related to HRTO case files.